Thursday, 23 March 2017

Agenda Book - Thursday 23rd March 2017

UOI2 - How The World Works - Power of Optics

Power of Optics: A light-powered Rube Goldberg machine

In this commercial for au Hikari, one of Japan’s high-speed optical internet service providers, a Rube Goldberg machine is “powered” by a single beam of light that travels via mirrors, magnifying glasses, and reflective surfaces to burn through strings, melt ice, pop balloons, and brighten each smoky twist of physics along the way.

Here’s the behind the scenes vid:

Key Questions:
- What sources of energy can you identify?
- What transformations are taking place in this video?
- What other sources of energy do you think could be used in this way? Think about other Rube Goldberg machines you may have seen.

Science - Whole School Lab 2 - Thursday 23rd March 2017

Today we completed an energy quiz in our groups of three - We looked at both Potential and Kinetic Energy.

What types of electricity do you know of?

- Hydro Power
- Wind Power
- Solar Power
- Geothermal

French - Session 8 - Geography cont.

Greet the person next to you appropriately and introduce yourself.

Today we are going to continue learning about the geography of France. We are specifically going to focus on some top sights in France and the french names for countries that surround France.

Fill in your copy of the worksheet and update your map from last session using the French names for the places.

Daily Informer - Thursday 23rd March 2017

Wonder of the day - Thursday 23rd March 2017

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?

- Jean-Jacques Rousseau