Friday, 23 June 2017

WaiBop Showroom Takeover

A promotional video starring Mike Groom (Miss Alloway's brother's football coach) and some of his teammates.

Agenda Book - Friday 23rd June 2017

UOI4 - Sharing The Planet - The Zax

Sometimes a conflict can cause ____________ ."
Conflict = Disagreement
The Trick Question about conflict:
Is conflict good or bad? What could be good or bad?
When conflict gets worse we say it __________. When conflict gets better we say it __________.
Expectations for solving conflicts:
  1. We find out what the problem is.
  2. We attack the problem, not the person.
  3. We listen to each other.
  4. We care about each others’ feelings.
  5. We are responsible for what we say and do.
Read The Zax
- What did each of the Zax want?
- What was the conflict?
- Did they get what they wanted?
- What made the conflict worse?
- Which rules didn’t the Zax follow?
- How could following the rules have helped?

Can anyone demonstrate how the Zax could have solved their conflict? 

Numeracy - Measurement - Friday 23rd June 2017

Task 1
The students at Springfield School made a coin trail using 20-cent coins to raise money for Daffodil Day. A 20 cent coin is  28.58 mm in diameter and 11.31 grams in weight.
  1. The length of the coin trail was 21 000 millimetres. What was its length in centimetres? What was it in metres?
  2. Here are 100 twenty-cent coins. Use the kitchen scales to find their combined weight. Using your answer, what would 1000 twenty-cent coins weigh? What would 10 twenty-cent coins weigh?
Task 2
You need:
a ruler, a toy car to measure, and the illustration of boxes shown above.
Use the ruler to measure as accurately as possible how long, how wide, and how high this car is. Give your answer firstly in millimetres and then in centimetres.
  1. Which of the three boxes would best fit the car?
  2. What is the volume of that box?

Daily Informer - Friday 23rd June 2017

Wonder of the day - Friday 23rd June 2017

Courage is found in unlikely places.

- J.R.R. Tolkien