Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Agenda Book - Wednesday 24th May 2017

UOI3 - Where We Are In Place And Time - The Aliens and Earthlings Scenario

Your Tasks:
1. Make a T-Chart of the positive and negative implications for the Earthlings.
2. Describe how this makes you feel in one sentence.
3. Give 3 tips on what the Earthlings should do.
4. How do you think this story links to the Treaty of Waitangi?

Numeracy - Number - Wednesday 24th May 2017

Problem Solving


UOI3 - Where We Are In Place And Time - Fleeing Syria

Alan and Gyan Mohammad are teachers from Syria. They are also Kurdish refugees with muscular dystrophy who fled Syria in wheelchairs. After escaping the bombs and Islamic State, they were stuck in Greece for over a year. This is the heartwarming moment when they are finally reunited with their family in Germany.

Literacy - Physical Description - Annotating - Wednesday 24th May 2017

Read the Model text below:
- What is described?

- How has the author described these attributes?

- Look at the sentence beginnings - What do you notice about these two?

Although he moved slowly, his pace was steady and deliberate.
Although the whites of his eyes were a watery yellow the irises were intensely blue.

  • - Can you find a sentence that begins with a preposition?

  • - Look at sentence structures - What effect on the sentence structure and meaning do these conjunctions make?

    - Can you locate an activated noun in the text?

    Your Task:
    - Visualise the physical attributes of your character.
    - Bring images to mind and then make notes in your Writer’s Notebook.

    French - Session 15 - Revision of Food Vocabulary

    Turn to a partner and tell them one of the phrases that you learnt in our last session.

    Food - La Nourriture

    Matching Task
    - Match the food vocabulary to the correct image.

    Daily Informer - Wednesday 24th May 2017